Dual Durometer Wheels Made in the USA

Aubin Industries, Inc. has been innovating the design and manufacture of industrial wheels for over two decades. The Dual Durometer wheels are one example of that innovation. Versatile, durable, and customizable, these wheels will operate in many unique environmental conditions. With a solid urethane construction, our Dual Durometer wheels boast superior durability and can help with noise reduction.

Product Features

The industrial Dual Durometer wheels are:

  • Perfect for submerged applications
  • Easy to wash down and sanitize
  • Available with anti-static properties
  • Customizable with unique color combinations
  • Good for low temperature environments
  • Good for noise reduction in washdown environments

In addition to these features, you can customize the wheels to match your unique specifications.

Advantages of Our Dual Durometer Wheels

At Aubin Industries, Inc., we focus on solution-driven design. Our team develops products that are specifically designed for your application. What’s more, our design specialists are industry experts that can develop long-lasting products for unique applications. When you partner with us, you work with a company committed to designing the best solution to your specific material handling challenges.

We combine two urethane materials in our Dual Durometer wheels to give the option of a softer tread in marine and washdown environments. Having a softer tread can be beneficial in areas where grip or noise reduction are needed. Some applications that are in marine or washdown environments may need a softer tread and also need to have anti-static properties which can be added to all the Dual Durometer wheels. Anti-static can keep wheels from building up an electric charge, this is usually seen on softer treads moving on indoor flooring where static can be an issue.

These wheels are usually fitted with sealed precision stainless steel bearings and stainless steel top hat spanners, giving the wheels a smooth roll in wash-down or underwater operations. Our team of experts designed these wheels to withstand extreme cold and wet conditions. As with all Aubin Industries, Inc. products, the Dual Durometer wheels are made in the USA.

Industry Applications

Our Dual Durometer wheels are ideal for professionals working in various industries, including:

  • Medical and pharmaceutical: The wheels are easy to wash down and sanitize, making them perfect for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. When cleanliness, reliability, and noise reduction are your primary concerns, these wheels are a top choice. Also available in unique color combinations, these wheels provide the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetic.
  • Food and beverage: With a smooth roll, stainless steel hardware, and a heavy-duty design, these wheels are the ideal companion to the essential handling equipment in the food and beverage industry
  • Entertainment: The Dual Durometer wheels’ smooth movement and solid design make them the perfect match for the entertainment industry. The dual urethane construction allows them to work in the harshest conditions, including submerged applications, for great versatility. Unique color combinations can also be helpful in masking the appearance of the wheels if needed.  
  • Electronics: In the electronics industry, precision is of the utmost importance. The  long lasting design, anti-static properties, and unique color combinations of these wheels provide the perfect balance between the practical and the aesthetic. 

Customizable Solutions for Dual Durometer Wheels

We offer our Dual Durometer urethane rollers in a range of colors and tread hardnesses. The core hardness for the wheels is 75D. You can also fit your wheels with stainless steel bearings and top hat spanners or request tread modifications as needed.  The customizable options for our wheels include:

  • Core colors: Choose between blue, black, dark gray, white, light gray, orange, red, purple, light blue, or yellow.
  • Tread colors: Decide on blue, black, dark gray, white, light gray, orange, red, purple, light blue, or yellow.
  • Tread hardnesses: Pick from available tread hardnesses like 95A, 80A, 85A and 70A.
  • Tread modifications: Select crown, half-round, or flat treads.

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