Aubin Industries Swivel-EAZ® XL caster, is our maintenance free precision single swivel caster. The Swivel-EAZ® XL caster was designed to pair with the Swivel-EAZ® PRO casters when more control is needed. The Swivel-EAZ® XL caster comes with swivel-locks and can give operators more steering control when locked and the freedom to move in any direction when the lock is disengaged. Though it was designed as a companion to the Swivel-EAZ® PRO, the Swivel-EAZ® XL casters come with our Swivel-EAZ® wheels which will give a 35-50% in push-pull start forces. Combining the Swivel-EAZ® wheel with the precision action of the Swivel-EAZ® XL caster creates maintenance free 24/7 operation. This precision caster system is smooth, accurate and comes in a variety of sizes. Like all of our wheels and casters the Swivel-EAZ® XL caster is manufactured in the USA.

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  • Maintenance Free
  • Made in the USA
  • Ergonomically Superior
  • Available with a Swivel Lock
  • Can be Paired with the Swivel-EAZ® PRO
  • A Precision Caster