Aubin Industries patented Swivel-EAZ® PRO dual swivel caster system has opened up creative design options that had never existed in the Material Handling Industry before. Our customers have taken advantage of the unlimited design options for load distribution, independent motion in all directions, and the results have been jaw dropping. The Swivel-EAZ® PRO caster system has a patented 3 axis system for ease of motion, and untouchable push/pull results. This ergonomically superior and maintenance free caster minimizes floor contact pressure with the ability to distribute weight over more than 4 casters on a single unit. Others have attempted to imitate our patented design, but without having understanding of the design and design application they have fallen short of our quality and test results. For over 5 years our customers have been testing within many different environments and their results have shown 50-70% reduction in push/pull forces on average. This creates a highly noticeable improvement in worker stress and fatigue. In light of these improvements, worker efficiencies increase and workers comp claims decrease noticeably.

Swivel-EAZ® PRO casters upside down on a table


  • Untouchable Push/Pull Results 50-70% Average Reduction in Forces
  • Independent Omnidirectional Motion
  • Ergonomically Superior
  • Eliminates Caster Sidekick
  • Patented 3 Axis System for Ease of Motion
  • Minimizes Inventory Requirements
  • Unlimited Design Options for Load Distribution
  • No longer Limited to 4 Casters per Cart
  • Reduces Floor Contact Pressure
  • 100% Maintenance Free (24/7 Capability)
  • Made in the USA

Customer Test Example: 2300 lbs cart
Cart 1: 2- standard single swivel casters/ 2- rigid casters / donut tread wheel 95A
Result: 96 lbs force to move

Cart 2: 2- Swivel-EAZ® PRO swivel casters/ 2- rigid Pro casters / Swivel-EAZ® Crown wheel 95A
Result: 33 lbs force to move

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*Swivel-EAZ® Wheel U.S. PAT 6,880,203 CAN. PAT. 2,453,036  Swivel-EAZ® PRO Caster U.S. PAT. 8,387,209 B2 CAN. PAT. pending