Aubin Industries Inc. Swivel-EAZ® PROHD caster mobility system brings the patented Swivel-EAZ® PRO dual swivel action to heavy duty capacities. The PROHD Series has been tested, certified and rated up to 2,500 lbs. for “optimal” dynamic swivel efficiency, and 7000 lbs. for static load.

The Swivel-EAZ® PROHD caster has a patented 3 axis system for ease of motion, and untouchable push/pull results. With its unlimited design options for supporting load distribution, and unique independent swiveling, engineering can now utilize these revolutionary casters in any location without the worry of caster lock-up. Contact pressure on flooring is no longer a problem, allowing for harder tread materials for less compression and rolling resistance. Reduce the need for outdated heavy structural steel spans for heavy loads by reducing the span distance with multiple casters at shorter more effective distances. The list of design options is as endless as your imagination and creativity.

The end result is a caster that reduces push/pull for manual operations, more fluid maneuverability for powered operations. The most precision caster system in the Material Handling Industry. The Swivel-EAZ® PROHD Movement System,  because of its design and reduction of resistance, it will outperform and outlast any other system. Most of all, through reducing manpower for manual moves and time for positioning in powered moves, it will increase efficiency and improve quality and the bottom line.


  • Untouchable Push/Pull Results 50-70% Average Reduction in Forces
  • Independent Omnidirectional Motion  
  • Ergonomically Superior 
  • Eliminates Caster Sidekick 
  • Patented 3 Axis System for Ease of Motion 
  • Minimizes Inventory Requirements
  • Unlimited Design Options for Load Distribution
  • No longer Limited to 4 Casters per Cart 
  • Reduces Floor Contact Pressure
  • 100% Maintenance Free (24/7 Capability) 
  • Made in the USA

Tested to meet ANSI standard (ANSI ICWM:2012 Section 4.9)

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*Swivel-EAZ® Wheel U.S. PAT 6,880,203 CAN. PAT. 2,453,036  Swivel-EAZ® PRO Caster U.S. PAT. 8,387,209 B2 CAN. PAT. pending